Fresh Out of Advice

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Fresh Out of Advice

If you’ve followed this edition of the Blog Battle you may have a guess as to how this post would go: an introduction, a list of helpful tips, and a conclusion that daftly wraps up the story and talking points.

Not going to happen this time.

I’m fresh out of advice. It’s a difficult task explaining my interactions with marketing culture and how that translates to a job with a very different ideal as to how marketing, software engineering, and the world at-large should operate. Which is why SEP is unlike most working environments. It may share traits with software behemoths such as Google and Apple, all of us scrambling to find the best and brightest. We gallantly unleash them onto a corporate atmosphere that has structure but also embraces fun and personal goals.

The digital world is still that of the Old West. Though I will restrain myself from bawdy Deadwood quotes in an effort to best explain the lawlessness and the community that forges within to create stability amid the chaos, know that advice can only go so far. All that’s been written is a helpful road map; a compass to finding your own claim and panning for gold among the cold mountain waters but understand that to properly wield it, you must first find where you fit. You must find your community.

Bullet points and helpful hints concerned with hard learned life lessons are the grit on which technological communities are built. This is true no matter your industry or stake; you are in the muck, avoiding the charging wagons and unfurled horses that race unimpeded in the thoroughfare. It’s a sliver of grime and dirt that takes years of studying and understanding before it’s easily navigable. And then someone comes along and turns it into cobble. When you learn its nuances, another radical thinker will bring on the concrete. Than the tar.

Point being advice can only go so far. Knowledge passed on from one to another furthers the community but someone will always be looking to mold the wild west town into their own image, or worse, corralling your community into theirs and leaving but a husk.

So now you’re looking for advice on how to deal with it, because you know it’s inevitable. The answer is I’ve got nothing for you already know the answer. You have to keep moving, you have to adapt. You have to solicit your own advice and make something of yourself. A community is only as strong as its weakest link (or any cliché you see fit to lean upon). No matter if you’re a found pioneer or a naive prospector; you better learn to carry your own weight. There will always be someone to lend a helping hand but not always when you need it most. Learning to rely on and trust oneself is the greatest piece of non-advice I can give.

Justin Spicer

Marketing Communications Associate at Software Engineering Professionals (SEP)

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