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Since 1991, Camptown has been leading youth to a better path by providing outdoor adventures and nature programs that challenge, mentor, and teach youth about nature and life. Camptown partners with other youth organizations in Central Indiana to offer these exciting and unique programs to their students to build life skills, character and confidence.

Camptown is the only organization of its kind in Central Indiana and is well-recognized for its efforts. The typical participant is 8-18 years old, and lives in a single-parent household with income below the poverty level. SEP’s support helps set the base of operations and brings programs to youth regardless of their ability to pay.

“Camptown is a perfect community partner for SEP. We’re in the business of using technology to improve people’s lives. Unfortunately, we see where technology can also captivate people (especially kids) so much that they miss the world around them. We chose to partner with Camptown so we, as technologists, remember to look out and see the forest (literally!) through the trees. These kids are our future.” says Mike Mumau, SEP’s VP of Client Relations and Camptown Board Member.

Programs take place on both public and private lands throughout the United States. Camptown uses outdoor wilderness adventures such as backpacking, canoeing and mountain biking to teach leadership, teamwork, and character development to youth from a variety of backgrounds.

“I hear nothing but awesome feedback from employees who participate in Camptown’s programs. I’m stoked to explore more opportunities for our organizations to serve these kids in the great outdoors.”

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