Chris Atkinson

Chris Atkinson

Vice President, Engineering

Chris Atkinson has been involved with all aspects of software product development at SEP since his first day in 1997.

Early in his career as a software engineer and project manager, Atkinson worked on software projects for a variety of industries. His experience with infusion pumps and other medical devices has placed Atkinson at the forefront of managing safety-critical software projects as well as having extensive knowledge of quality management systems and medical device design regulations including ISO 9001, FDA QSR, and ISO 13485.

As an Engineering VP, he continues to influence the work environment and development practices of software engineers. As a mentor and manager of SEP project managers, Atkinson remains active in coaching and improving the project management practices of SEP.

He was instrumental in the implementation of SEP’s Professional Development system, which encourages continuous learning and organizes training opportunities for employees.
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