Jon Fuller

Jon Fuller

Director of Software Engineering

Jon Fuller is the Director of Software Engineering at SEP. He joined SEP in 2008 after diving into software product development for a financial services company.

Jon graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Engineering where he caught the bug for writing code, solving problems, and making things happen. Jon has diverse experience working with complex software products including embedded systems, mobile apps and enterprise scale systems.

In his current role, Jon is responsible for improving and safeguarding SEP’s engineering fitness. This means continually working to improve SEP’s environment and culture, push technical excellence and advancing the community. Jon helped start Indianapolis Code and Coffee, which now has 4 locations in the Indy area. Jon also helped start Indy Software Artisans and is on the board of directors for IndyHackers. In 2017 Jon was named a Techpoint Tech 25 award winner for his contribution in product development.

Jon lives in Noblesville with his wife Sandi and two daughters Camryn and Caitlyn.
Standard coffee order:

Bulletproof... grass fed butter and MCT Oil... yum!

Food I wish I hated:

Donuts. Man I love donuts.

Little known fact:

I have known my (now) wife since we were in elementary school together!

I am a super fan of:

Ruby, C#, functional programming... yikes! I'm nerdy.

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