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Access Control System


A Fortune 500 security product manufacturer wanted to expand into an untapped market with a new access control product offering. Software staff was unavailable to support developing the new product and time-to-market was critical.


During the initial phase, SEP team members co-located with our client’s project team to clarify product requirements and assess options for hardware and software technologies. The solution required three components: a wireless enabled door lock, a dedicated wireless router, and a back-end management system.

SEP designed and developed firmware for the wireless lock as well as the software in the router. By having expertise in both embedded systems development and web system development, SEP was able to develop the software for both components. The lock required use of a low-power microcontroller, while communication between the locks and the router was accomplished using ZigBee® technology. SEP streamlined development by:

  • Leveraging story mapping to understand product use and define requirements
  • Building fully functional prototypes to quickly test hardware designs
  • Providing incremental deliveries to get feedback on product features and usability

By partnering with SEP, our client was able to develop a high-quality product for a new market segment. By leveraging off-the-shelf software and hardware for portions of the system, development timeline was greatly reduced.

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