Agricultural Vehicle Precision Control System

We shared our extensive Agile expertise as we partnered with our client to design and develop an embedded display system for a new generation of tractors.






What We Did

Embedded Development, Automated Testing, MVP Definition / Scope Control

Tech Stack

C++, Qt, Squish, Cucumber, Mercurial, Python, Linux


Feeding the world's 7.4 billion people is hard work, especially when the population is projected to increase to 11.2 billion by 2100. Our client supports future food security by creating equipment that enables higher food production rates.

In order to succeed, our client needs precision planting methods. This large agricultural heavy equipment manufacturer approached SEP with a need to build software to support a new generation of tractors. This client was looking for a development partner with Agile experience to work alongside their Scrum teams.


At SEP, we view each engagement as a business partnership. Our 10+ years of Agile development enabled us to integrate quickly with our client’s regional and global teams. Through this partner approach, we designed and developed the software components of an embedded display system for tractors.

The display delivers precision agricultural prescriptions that power a new generation of tractors. These tractors operate using the latest planting methods, leveraging precision GPS to repeatedly and reliably seed, fertilize, and harvest row crops.

    Project Highlights:

  • Developed custom content that used high precision GPS controls
  • Designed a custom user interface
  • Supplemented and improved the existing control systems and data delivery mechanisms
  • Collaborated with client’s product team to supply on-site engineering support and cross-cultural pollination

The embedded display system ensures the right seeds get delivered to the right soil types. This precision delivery fuels the crucial early growth stage of crops. As a result, users of the tractors achieve higher crop yields and thus increased profits.

Our valued partnership with this client has grown in size and reach over the course of the eight years we have worked together. We continue to collaborate on building additional features to enable the success of this product.

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