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Diabetes Management Mobile Application


A medical device manufacturer needed to create an electronic version of a paper based system to allow patients the ability to identify trends and patterns in blood sugar levels to support better management of their diabetes.

    Problems with the existing solution:
  • Paper system was unable to aggregate results, did not provide the ability to share data with care providers, and was cumbersome to use
  • Since the system required taking blood sugar readings at specific times, patients often failed to follow the system well, reducing the benefit of improved health management


SEP collaborated with our client to design their first mobile application. Since the product would be released globally, a mobile application for the Android platform was the first release of this product.

    The mobile application included:
  • Configurable testing schedules including alerts to remind users to take blood sugar readings
  • Customized UI including charts, tables and graphs to better gauge the cause and effect of tests and regiments
  • The ability to easily share information with health care providers via text message or email
  • Ability to automatically send data to designated care givers when blood sugar values are logged


SEP designed and developed an Android application to help users better manage their diabetes care. The app had more than 10,000 installs in the first year.

  • Full-featured log book gives users a way to record and view important health data including carb intake, insulin dosing, exercise, etc.
  • Intuitive graphs and reports help users find trends and detect abnormal results
  • The app supported 8 different languages
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