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Engine Health Monitoring Service


An existing customer in the Aerospace industry was looking to reduce costs and increase end user satisfaction for engine fleet logistics and operational planning. They needed a solution to track engine health and flight readiness, as a way to catch problems before they occurred.

    The tool needed to help:
  • Save overall repair costs
  • Reduce the amount of time an engine would sit in a repair facility (rather than on a flying aircraft)
  • Reduce the need for manual inspections of the engines (which often were inaccurate or not completed in a timely manner)


Our client determined a large portion of engine overhauls could be prevented if they had an automated system in place to discover problems before they happened. SEP provided a SaaS web application to notify users which had engines with deteriorating health.

  • Informs users the likely root cause of the problem
  • Users receive notifications of the corrective actions needed
  • Increase in flight readiness
  • Correct minor problems before they cause additional damage to the engine (reducing repair costs)
  • Eliminates the need for on-going maintenance inspections (saving labor costs)


We worked with our customer to understand their complex domain and what impact the challenges had on their users. SEP built a service that receives, decodes, and transforms engine flight data from the ground-based data systems. The system generates notifications based on the data and is sent directly to our customers and end users, and the system also provides access to ad-hoc reports.

  • Predicts needed repairs before they happened resulting in reduced repair costs
  • Alerts and reports are sent to the customer and to the end operators allowing lower delays in notifications
  • System has processed over 2.6 million flights representing over 3.3 million flight hours. In the first year alone, one user reported they had saved over $2 million from information the service provided
  • SEP provided the client with a full-time Analyst that monitors the system
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