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Enrollment and Rebate Processing Automation


Our medical device manufacturer client needed to enroll Medicare and Medicaid participants in rebate programs. Participants were eligible only for certain programs based on their qualifications. It proved to be difficult to sort through and query that qualifying information. Once they selected the right rebate program, our client manually enrolled participants. The resulting claim submission and rebate payment processes were similarly labor intensive and time consuming. Knowing this wasn’t a good use of time or expense, our client reached out to SEP.


Our client partnered with us to realize a new solution that would reduce errors and time spent on this process. Together we determined which business needs weren't met by the current solution. SEP proposed an integrated web-based application to track participants and rebate qualifications. The app automates the previously time consuming process. It eases the burden of manual data entry and increases efficiency for its users.

Since our original engagement, we have periodically updated the app to meet new industry regulations. We also worked with our client to transition to a new Level 2 support program to assist its customers.

  • Automates enrollment, retail and mail order chains, contract generation, and claim execution processes
  • Enhances rebate processing with a standardized claims process
  • Provides support for check register functionality and integration with the client's check processor


The web application reduces rebate process time for our client by 50%. The app replaces the antiquated paper process, freeing up our client’s valuable time and money.

  • Allows system verification in days rather than weeks
  • Provides training and training materials to administrators
  • Provides a custom, intuitive user interface
Our customers have told us that out of all of our competitors, this application is the easiest and most user-friendly system. Our SEP team played a valuable part to make that happen.
— Client Project Manager
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