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Flow Cytometer Automated Testing Suite


A biotechnology company needed to enhance the automated testing of their flow cytometer desktop software. They were preparing to add significant functionality to their product, however the existing test suite was outdated and did not gather data fast enough for immediate analysis.

  • Client needed a test suite for a new product but wanted to leverage software from an existing test suite
  • They wanted to optimize an existing test suite to enable faster developer feedback via real-time test results
  • Client wanted to work with a development partner they could learn from through frequent collaboration


SEP worked alongside the client’s development team to update their existing test suite to allow for easier data collection and maintenance. Both teams worked together to ensure that immediate feedback was provided and the project remained on-time and on-budget.

  • SEP integrated with client’s staff to provide quick feedback to the development team in order to bring issues to light quickly, while they were smaller in size and easier to fix
  • Automated a portion of the existing manual tests
  • Optimized the existing automated test suite for near immediate test results
  • Test suite architecture was restructured to ease maintenance and creation of system tests


The updated test suite allows our client the ability to gather results for immediate feedback to the developers. The new solution finds bugs quicker, reduces time spent repairing broken tests, and decreases costs of future test executions.

  • Improvements to continuous integration environment reduce testing feedback time. Tests which previously took four hours are now complete in 45 minutes
  • Resulting test suite has improved interface, reliability, and maintainability
  • Increased automation will save time and money in future formal runs of the test suite
  • Automation will also ensure the tests are run more frequently during development

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