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Health2Wealth: Workplace Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs don’t need to be complicated. Health2Wealth is a workplace wellness application designed to incentivize employees to reach daily step goals. The easy-to-use app has transformed the way employees at SEP and other small- and mid-size companies have approached their fitness goals.

It all began with a trip to New Orleans.


SEP celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2013 by announcing an all-employee trip to the Big Easy. As part of the milestone, SEP purchased Fitbits for all employees interested in improving their exercise activities. Prior to the trip, employee teams were formed to challenge each other and see which team could "walk to New Orleans" – the equivalent of 819 miles – first. When the challenge began, SEP’s HR Manager managed the program by manually tracking success through in-person reports and spreadsheets. Naturally, a few engineers saw the problem with this process and in addition to walking . . . started coding.


Their first step was to build a challenge-based site that accessed's API and aggregated daily step data for individuals and teams. The site was then published on an internal display in the SEP breakroom. Making each team’s current fitness status public sparked competition, was a lot of fun for employees, and removed the tedious manual tracking process.

The unexpected bonus was that after the challenge was completed, employees wanted to continue their walking efforts. A team formulated the idea to design a software application enabling them to continue their motivation. A cross-functional team of designers, developers, marketers, engineers, and HR personnel took ownership of the project and Health2Wealth was born!

"Competing alongside my co-workers with Health2Wealth inspired me to go from an average walker to having run two marathons in the past year," said Adam Sturm, Graphic Designer at SEP.

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Health2Wealth simplifies corporate wellness programs. Company administrators are able to easily set up new employees in the system, manage incentives, and send reminders to participants when they need that extra boost to meet their goals. Users can receive SMS messages to update them on milestones they are close to achieving.

Health2Wealth integrates with multiple trackers, allowing participants to use Fitbit, Jawbone, and Misfit – or even their iPhone, Apple Watch, Android phone, or other Google Fit compatible device – to measure steps. Most competing programs require you to use only their device, which often leads to unnecessary and expensive purchases.

Another bonus of Health2Wealth is the ability to incorporate flexible incentives. Companies that implement Health2Wealth can build incentives, such as cash bonuses, gift cards and/or time off based on their preferences (and budget!).

"The Health2Wealth program has been extremely positive for SEP," said Laura Terry, Human Resources Manager. "Finding ways to incorporate physical activity into our work life has been a challenge. With Health2Wealth, I see more people taking walks, using the stairs instead of the elevator, and working from tread desks. Administration of Health2Wealth is easy and adding people to the program and downloading reports is a snap. I highly recommend the program to small- and mid-size companies looking for a simple way to track and encourage physical activity among employees."

Health2Wealth is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile devices, and can be downloaded directly from the app store, and also for the Web at

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