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Heavy Machinery Monitoring Application


A Fortune 500 agricultural and construction machinery company had a global enterprise telematics application it needed to migrate to support current browser standards and mobile devices. The app, used by more than 150,000 construction dealers and users to monitor their equipment, was more than 5 years old and built on outdated technology. Internally, the company didn’t have staff with the technology skills to maintain the app, but it wanted to find ways to extend the life of the solution. Users were asking for customized updates to the technology that provided deeper insight into their unique data. The app’s original one-size-fits-all model had become obsolete.


The company approached SEP with the scope of their business problem. SEP conducted a number of question and answer sessions, which included reaching out to customer experts for input on their greatest challenges. After identifying the core concerns, the SEP team integrated with the company’s team, onsite at their facility, to begin building the updated application. SEP’s team of experts established itself as a self-organizing entity capable of delivering customer-focused product features of high quality and working within the existing client ecosystem.


The project is currently ongoing, but initial feedback has been positive from application users. Prior to SEP working on the project, the software was calculating distance inefficiently. SEP was able to identify the inefficient algorithm used and replaced it with a more efficient version which resulted in a 10x speed increase.

    Thus far, SEP has added the following:
  • Basic Equipment Management Functions – SEP created a new, fully functioning website that allows fleet managers to generate reports, conduct equipment mapping, and run exception handling. The basic feature set was also enabled for four different languages.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Capability – Users can log in to the application and see a wealth of data, including lists of vehicles and equipment location. Fleet managers can run reports on equipment usage, fuel burn, idling time, and more to gain targeted insights.

Throughout the project, SEP has consistently delivered innovative ideas to make the web application better. The partnership built in such a short time, has enabled the team to understand the users’ needs and focus on future enhancements to make it even more competitive in the construction market.

The talent and experience SEP brought to table really shows and truly differentiates the company.
— IT Team Leader
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