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Remote Patient Health Monitoring System


A medical device manufacturer needed to add features to its existing healthcare data system in order to support remote patient monitoring. The new features needed to allow hand entry of blood glucose readings for home healthcare and elder care facilities.

    Problems with the existing solution:
  • Could not support remote patient monitoring activities
  • Inability to record information remotely


The new version allowed patients to record medical data, eliminating the need for a doctor’s office visit. The new devices transmits measurements to a central server as they are taken allowing for quicker real time patient monitoring.

  • Refined functions for —doctor-nurse interactions, trends, and testing schedules
  • Integrated BizTalk orchestrations
  • Expanded organizational access level controls to support HIPAA guidelines
  • Added functionality to support in-home data collection including a Bluetooth modem, glucose meter, blood pressure cuff and scale


SEP helped our client develop a tool for their existing product line to keep them at the forefront of patient monitoring services in a highly competitive market.

  • Added the capability for patients to share data with trusted caregivers allowing for remote monitoring
  • Added new measurements and reports to help the doctor better capture patient status
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