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Transmission Asset Management Application


A regional transmission operator was in need of a system to manage, maintain, and enhance the long-term stability of electrical grids. The client was looking for a way to reduce the amount of time engineers spent managing databases while providing faster and easier access to pertinent information.

    Problems with the existing solution:
  • Delays in availability to vital information
  • Access to data slowed by inefficient chain of data transmission
  • Inefficient use of engineering capacity
  • An outdated method of tracking grid stability
  • Constant need to fix data that had been manually entered incorrectly


Through SEP’s collaborative discovery workshop it was determined a web application would alleviate the informational logjams created by previous data tracking techniques.

  • One interfacing tool to manage data and information transfer
  • Simplified input of grid problems and fixes
  • Greater access to information without delays in engineering capacity management
  • Instantaneous creation of grid studies for monitoring and maintenance
  • Addition of workflows and search functions


The web management system addresses the client’s need for a responsive and up-to-date tool that allows for access to valuable data on demand and the maintenance and tracking of electric grids within regulations.

  • Auditing for Regulators
  • Ability to control and monitor individual grids
  • New generation capacity
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