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SEP: Makes - Hackathon

Our innovative engineers come together two times a year for a weekend of pitches, conceptualization and programming.

Influenced by the Kauffman Foundation's Startup Weekend, SEP gathers eager engineers into the SEP offices twice a year. Beginning early Friday night, a weekend of pitches, conceptualization, programming, and sleepless nights take creative engineers on a journey of self-discovery and the search for new skills and technologies.

SEP: Makes - Hackathon is fashioned around the same techniques found in SEP’s daily successes with a few fun twists. Individuals come prepared with a software or application idea. The group votes on the best ideas, splits into teams and begins work on creating a functioning product that can be demonstrated by the end of the 48 hour session.

2018 Hackathon Weekends

February 2018 Hackathon Weekend

February 9–11, 2018

SEPeers brought a lot of great ideas to pitch night for our first hackathon of 2018. The selected projects included a few internal improvement tools, including a conference room availability tool using sensors and a badge swiping system that tracks lunch and learn attendance for employees.

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July 2018 Startup Weekend

July 27–29, 2018

The 2018 summer hackathon gave our interns the chance to roll up their sleeves and work along side teams that they hadn't worked with before. We had product teams working on enhancing internal SEP tools and others that worked on cool new games and cross-platform mobile apps!

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2017 Hackathon Weekends

March 2017 Startup Weekend

March 17–19, 2017

Our first hackathon of 2017 was the largest event yet! Teams brought in a quadcopter, learned shorthand and even developed a silent doorbell. The variety of projects developed in this hackathon was one to remember.

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August 2017 Hackathon Weekend

August 4–6, 2017

Our 2017 summer Hackathon gives our interns the opportunity to join in on the weekend fun! We had a variety of different projects including TWO projects that involved bacon!

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2016 Hackathon Weekends

February 2016 Startup Weekend

February 26–28, 2016

The winter hackathon brought in a few attendee newbies. Our teams jumped right in and worked on a variety of projects spanning various platforms. The projects varied from a cross-platform voting tool to an on easy-to-use utility that pulls in job needs with geographic location to develop lead data inside LinkedIn.

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July 2016 Startup Weekend

July 22–24, 2016

This summer-version of our Hackathon included six new project ideas. The teams worked on a variety of projects including a YouTube content management system and a company seating chart to help find employees who frequently move for project teams.

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2015 Hackathon Weekends

March 2015 Startup Weekend

August 29–31, 2015

The ninth Hackathon included some new technologies alongside the continuation of a the Buddhabrot Fractal Generator first looked at in Startup Weekend seven. Featherchat is a modern chat application focusing on UX and security, Tx2Go helps physical or occupational therapists to organize and display treatment options for a variety of diagnoses, and WatchMeCook is a recipe application for the Pebble smartwatch.

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March 2015 Startup Weekend

March 6–8, 2015

Four unique problems were tackled in the eighth Hackathon. INTTTU (I Need To Talk To U) leverages proximity-based technology to instigate conversations when you and the person you need to talk to are close, JUKE is a Chrome extension that allows people to create playlists containing tracks from, SEP Leap Technologies consists of three games built using a combination of the Leap Motion sensor and Unity, and "Where is Raman?" is an app that solves the problem of finding Raman around the office.

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2014 Hackathon Weekends

August 2014 Startup Weekend

August 1–3, 2014

For the seventh Hackathon, SEPeers decided to have a bit more fun with a game and a fractal generator. The Buddhabrot generated a 500 megapixel rendering of a computationally expensive variation of the Mandelbrot set fractal. Color Exploders is a shooting game created in the Unity Framework in which the player attempts to build up a high score by chaining together colored ship explosions. A chat program was also built to answer new hire questions.

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March 2014 Startup Weekend

March 14–16, 2014

The sixth Hackathon had six groups of SEPeers working on six unique problems. These projects include The Complete National Geographic Web Archive, Consolidation, Ollert, Sentinels of the Multiverse Online, True Dungeon Vision, and Solv_r.

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2013 Hackathon Weekends

August 2013 Startup Weekend

August 2–4, 2013

SEP turned ongoing problems in and outside the office into three easy software solutions. An internal smartphone and tablet app brings together the many tools used by employees, a social professional development web application to share materials and opinions, and an app to aid group decision making were on the docket of SEP’s fifth Hackathon.

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March 2013 Startup Weekend

March 1–3, 2013

Hackathon returned to its internal project roots with two distinctly different ideas. Client and user persona building was brought into the digital age, and a tool allowing for better code quality and easier testing were created.

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2012 Hackathon Weekends

August 2012 Startup Weekend

August 3–5, 2012

Hobbies continued to influence Hackathon projects in its third incarnation.  Projects included an interactive web tool designed to teach newbies and pros the rhythms of the Doumbek, an app transforming your smartphone and tablet into a one stop shop of homebrewing beer, and a smartphone tool designed to monitor all the functions and tools necessary to maintain your home.

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February 2012 Startup Weekend

February 24–26, 2012

The second Hackathon introduced three distinct projects, one of which found SEPeers exploring outside hobbies. Using your smartphone to enhance the concert experience, transforming a popular agile estimation tool, and solving pesky confusion over conference room usage when email and calendars fail were the focus of the weekend’s activities.

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2011 Hackathon

July 2011 Startup Weekend

July 15–17, 2011

The inaugural SEP: Makes Hackathon was developed when two engineers imagined how to apply the logisitics of international Startup Weekends with the close knit community of SEP. Apps created sought to scan receipts for easy budgeting and cost sharing, allow greater concentration on meaningful social media business connections, and Digital Kanban project management via QR codes.

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