Health2Wealth is a workplace wellness application designed to incentivize employees to reach daily step goals. The easy-to-use app transformed the way employees at SEP and other small- and mid-size companies approached their fitness goals.

Health2Wealth simplified the typical corporate wellness program. Company administrators were able to easily set up new employees in the system, manage incentives, and send reminders to participants when they need that extra boost to meet their goals. Users received SMS messages to update them on milestones they are close to achieving.

The app integrated with multiple trackers, allowing participants to use Fitbit, Jawbone, and Misfit – or even their iPhone, Apple Watch, Android phone, or other Google Fit compatible device – to measure steps. Most competing programs required users to use only their device, which often resulted in unnecessary and expensive purchases. Another bonus of Health2Wealth was the ability to incorporate flexible incentives. Companies that implemented Health2Wealth could build incentives, such as cash bonuses, gift cards and/or time off based on their preferences (and budget!).

Health2Wealth was available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile devices.