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Considering the many projects SEP works on that utilize open source tools and libraries, returning the favor to the community is natural. SEP Labs is happy to host open source software for your enjoyment. Whether a skeleton or a fully realized product, SEP hopes the open source community takes what we’ve started and solves problems through ingenuity and imagination. Most of all, SEP hopes you have fun delving into code, using what we’ve started to tackle a problem or satisfy a niche that needs serving.
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TwoIoC is a problem solver for those using .NET 2.0 and wishing the Inversion of Control container didn’t feel clumsy or inefficient. TwoIoC is a BSD licensed, .NET 2.0 (and Mono!) compatible inversion of control container with fluent registration, auto-wiring, and convention-based auto registering. It’s simple, tested, and used in production.

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Planning Poker is an Android application that facilitates planning poker sessions without the need for a special deck of cards. The app supports multiple deck options (“traditional”, Fibonacci, t-shirt sizes) and includes instructions for hosting a session. Meetings can be conducted from anywhere, in the same room or opposite ends of the country and the ability to project the planning poker room allows board room inclusion. Future integration with a web application for tracking estimates is in the works.

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Learn what your Trello boards aren't telling you. Use Ollert to visualize the progress of your boards. Instantly see the numbers behind the cards.

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SEP partners with companies to develop software products that create valuable solutions for complex problems, resulting in lasting positive change.

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