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Learning to Lean

Presented by Jean Tabaka


During the past several years, we've each probably been building own path of learning with regard to Lean. Maybe we started with the Agile Manifesto, moved into the Poppendiecks' books, and then spread out from there. We may have concentrated on Womack and Jones 5 Principles in "Lean Thinking"; or the 14 principles from the Lean Thinking House in Liker's "The Toyota Way". Maybe we really got hooked through the 7 wastes in software development elaborated in "Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit". In this session, I would like to create inquiry about where we have been with regard to Lean and where we may/should be headed. Is Lean a fundamental formulation for helping Agile mature? Is it different than Agile? Are we creating dangerous assumptions as we define Lean in the software development world? What are we still missing when we talk about Lean in our world?


Jean Tabaka is an Agile Coach with Rally Software Development, specializing in creating, coaching and mentoring collaborative, agile software teams. Jean brings over 25 years of experience in software development to the agile plate in a variety of organizational contexts including internal IT departments, ISVs, government agencies, and consulting organizations. Having implemented both plan-driven and agile development approaches for Sybase, Siebel Systems, and Qwest, as well as a variety of smaller ventures, her work has spanned industries and continents. As an agile mentor, Jean coaches software teams through training and facilitation to adopt agile principles and practices using a hybrid of the leading agile methods. With a passion around collaboration practices through facilitation techniques, she guides organizations in creating high-performance teams. She is the co-author of Physical Database Design for Sybase SQL Server and is a frequent lecturer and contributor on the topic of collaboration practices in agile teams. A Certified Scrum Master as well as Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Professional Facilitator, she holds a Master of Arts from Michigan State University and a Master of Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

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Software Engineering Professionals has partnered with the Lean Software & Systems Consortium and InfoQ to provide a detailed video archive of the Miami 2009 Lean & Kanban conference.
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