How We Onboard Interns

If you are reading this because you're thinking about applying for an internship here or have already accepted an offer, thanks for considering us! There are a lot of unknowns when starting a new job. Every company is different. I interned at SEP twice before hiring on full-time, so hopefully

Why we invest so much in Professional Development

We are living in a technological renaissance.  It is a period of change only last seen between the fourteen and seventeenth centuries when Europe moved from the middle ages to modern times, leading into the industrial revolution.  The last twenty years  have led to unimaginable changes in the way we

Challenge Your Favorites

I've written about the many benefits of personal projects before. One nice aspect is being able to try out tools & frameworks in a low-risk environment. In this post I'll explain one such trial I'm doing and how the tool Comby made switching easy. Are My Go-To Tools Stale? As