A lot of folk may look to 25 years from now with some level of optimism. I ain’t sayin’ they’s wrong, what with them fancy nanotechnologies and printin’ human organs with prototypers’n such, but all them bits and doo-dads ain’t gonna mean squat after…


It ain’t like we don’t see it comin’ like that big black dog that some folk claim to see ‘fore their kin pass. We all know them 32-bit machines’ll be goin’ bust in January of 20-and-38. Younger fellers may think they’re so clever, migratin’ to 64-bit architectures or movin’ their legacies to the Vee Ems, but those who’ve been around more’n a dog’s age can tell you, them legacy apps is gonna cause us some trouble when that internal clock overflows.

Remember them COBOL programmers what got work back in ’99? Updatin’ all that infrastructure code usin’ two shorts for a year? Them IBM fellers are all in their 70s now, doin’ whatever retired IBMers do. Probably snorklin’, with all their talk of deep blues and wetsuits. You think them wet-behind-the-ears types, them Node.js’n brogrammers’ll know how to dive in and work ’round the metal? Shoot. Half of ’em can’t even keep they’s types straight.

It ain’t all doom ‘n’ gloom, though, so don’t get yerself in a twist. After the banks go all insolvent and the grid goes dark there’ll come a time for those with sense to help the community, organizin’ and such. If’n you can’t stand other folk, and I don’t blame you if’n you can’t, you could up and ply your trade of optimization and process management to older problems. Myself, I’ll take a bushel of corn and some pickled okra to streamline your milkin’ operation, no sweat. And believe you me, between odd jobs I plan on keepin’ the culture of good ol’-fashion Internet Livin’ alive.

“Pappy, what was the world like, when computers was everywhere?”

“Children, you just pull up a seat and let Ol’ Pappy tell you about them silly El-Oh-El Cats…”