SEP, Ping Pong, and PDUs

Want to learn Embedded Programming and Earn PDUs?

You may have heard that our ping pong players recently routed the DeveloperTown team and that we are #1 and awesome in every conceivable metric. What you may not have heard is that allocating time on the table is chaotic at best (probably because one handsome, bearded individual has been hogging it lately).

Well, we’re über-engineers, so let’s über-engineer a solution to this problem!

What I’d like to do is build a couple of small pieces of hardware. A battery-powered switch (with visual indicator) to be placed on or near the table, and a base station to be placed discreetly “nearby” that would hook into the company network. The communication between the switch and the base station would be ZigBee (because that’s what I know, that’s what’s easy, and it’s low power).

I’m not married to this design. If it makes sense to just hook a switch to a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi, let’s do that instead. Seems less interesting though.

And why not turn this into a PDU opportunity? There is no special PDU allocation yet, but this activity would certainly count towards the one-every-four-hours “independent study” credits.

So let me know if you’re interested in embedded programming, embedded Linux, low-power applications, small web servers, or wireless applications, and we’ll get something started. If interest is high enough (it won’t be) I’ll schedule something this week to discuss design options and paths forward.

  • Adam Flenar

    A better solution would be to turn the conveniently-located security camera in the commons into an internal webcam. Then you could check for availability AND tune in to any exciting current matches! However, you may have to strong-arm Paul to get that project off the ground.

  • Mohammad Afaneh

    Count me in :)

  • Mike Rogers

    @Mohammad: YOU ARE COUNTED IN.

    @Adam: I don’t think SEP owns that camera, and I think we’ve already tried asking those who do. I could be wrong on either or both of those assertions.

  • Jeremy Jarvis

    This sounds like fun. Keep my in the loop.

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