Joe Coy is an SEPeer!

He’s back! Again! Our favorite IT/Ops intern is back with us again this summer, this time with a year of Computer Science under his belt.

Some things you might want to know about Joe:

  • Studying Computer Science at Purdue University
  • Digs Frisbee Golf!
  • Has worked with SEP two previous summers

We asked Joe to tell us a fun or interesting fact about himself and here’s what he shared::

Everyone [at SEP] knows that first-day binder that new employees get when they start. Well I ran over mine with my car after my first day of work. On accident of course! But nevertheless, it was thoroughly embarrassing to come into work the next day and see a crushed first day binder with tire marks on the front of it sitting on my desk.

Can’t wait to see what Joe will get himself into this summer.


Welcome back Joe!

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