Jeanine-ThumbWe are very excited to welcome Jeanine Brosch to SEP! We have known Jeanine for several years through various projects, and we are excited she has decided to join us full-time as a Project Manager. In addition to varied business roles, Jeanine has led projects for more than 12 years and is looking forward to leading more projects, as well as, concentrating on business development activities.

Some things about Jeanine:

  • Majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue
  • Passionate about learning and solving business challenges
  • Has experience in R&D, marketing, operations, management, consulting and a variety of corporate environments

Some fun and interesting things about Jeanine. She…

  • Bungee jumped from the second highest location in the world (off of a bridge over the Zambezi River in Africa) and has no interest in bungee jumping anymore
  • Is a member of a book club that has been known to throw themed parties (Twilight, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games) and dress up for movie premieres when the book gets made into a movie
  • Has travelled all over the world and hopes to go to South America on her next vacation

Welcome Jeanine!