Meet Brad, Application Development Architect


You have an extensive background, what are some of the favorite things you’ve worked on in the past?

Connected Car, especially the inference and machine learning in this domain. Predicting a route and personalizing information for that route. Integrating with Natural Language Processing tools and personalizing points of interest. Plant genetic research and big data. Precision agriculture and geospatial information systems. Living in Germany and working for Mercedes at their WHQ.

What technology trends excite you the most right now?

Cloud computing platform and IoT (internet of things) platform tools. These allow very fast deployment and scalability. Streaming analytics is also fascinating with applied data science.

What exactly does an Application Development Architect do?

Amazing stuff. Seriously, generate excitement and drive the technical direction for customers and technical teams. Create the “aha” moment and form consensus for the early phase application/project discovery. Work with the project manager(s), technical leads, and project teams to ensure technical direction. Govern build and deployment to ensure customer vision and technical direction are implemented. Engage in ideation and provide technical clarity with the customers to develop new business opportunities.

What problems do you most commonly see in software projects today?

Jumping in to iterative design without spending some design time up front. I think upfront design coupled with iteration is important. Not heavy design and definitely not deep requirements, but identify the areas you definitely understand and can build and the areas of ambiguity, then design, build, and test to drive project/product clarity. Too many times I have seen teams iterate in hopes of the golden product and focus too closely on delivering sprints and not the overall end product design. This is one aspect I like about SEP, good focus on the user/customer up front and smart people that keep the customer in mind constantly.

How are you feeling now that you are you a few months in?

I have had a few moments of “I feel I could really add value here and contribute”. Several client meetings have allowed me to contribute my knowledge and bring a different “outside in” perspective. The people here are great, the work is very interesting, and the growth and betterment culture is exactly what drives me.

What made you decide to come work at SEP?

The variety of work, the potential of filling a gap in skills, the people and culture, the approach to projects, and the location is close to family.

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