Getting WebEx to work with Windows 10

I recently upgraded my machine to Windows 10 and when it came time for a client meeting over WebEx was dismayed to see the following error:


WebEx won’t work with Windows 10? Oh no! I tried Chrome, IE, and Firefox, but it wasn’t working in any of them. I thought maybe I’d have to set up a virtual machine just so I could use WebEx, but this would still be problematic if I wanted to share my Windows 10 desktop. Eventually, though, I found a workaround.

  1. Download and install the IE Tab extension for Chrome.
  2. Open the tab by clicking on its icon in the top-right of
  3. In the tab’s address bar, paste in the URL for your webex


The WebEx meeting should load and work fine in Windows 10 at this point. Why the IE Tab for Chrome works and IE itself doesn’t is a mystery to me, but at least there’s a workaround.

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  • Alan Hill

    Just writing to say thank you Derek! I had the exact same problem and this fix worked! Alan

  • MrBungle

    Great tip, thanks!

  • Heron Peak

    Try to “download WebEx Meetings for your operating system”. Run the atmcw11ie for explorer and atmcw11ns for google/firefox.

  • Name (required)rasshme

    that worked !!!! thank u so much for sharing

  • Vijay

    thank you, its worked

  • Praveen

    Thanks Derek, it worked

  • Mark

    Epic workaround. Thanks

  • Krish

    Thank you for taking time and providing the work around . It worked. Thanks much !

  • chai

    Thanks a lot..

  • David

    Thanks for this excellent tip! It takes a while for my PC to load the URL, but once that’s done it works a treat.

  • Guy Albanese

    Thanks to everybody for sharing such helpful info. That is what makes us geeks great and so helpful!!

  • fadle

    thank you! it also worked for me

  • Mike Perrenoud

    Brilliant! Tweeted.

  • rahul

    thanks a lot !!!
    that worked well !

  • Miriam

    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and am able to connecto to Cisco Webex without any problems. However, I cannot upload files to share during the meetings, as I continuously get messages saying that Adobe and Windows are having problems.
    Can anyone please help me?

  • me (required)Joanna

    Hello Miriam
    Since last Friday I am having the same problem. I am an on-line tutor and I cannot share pdf files when I am on the webex platform.
    did you find a solution to your problem ?

  • Miriam

    Hi Joanna,
    No, I haven´t found a solution. I tried following Heron Peak´s advice (Try to “download WebEx Meetings for your operating system”. Run the atmcw11ie for explorer and atmcw11ns for google/firefox.), but to no avail. I also tried opening webex in Internet Explorer and not in Chrome, but that didn´t work either. Please let me know if you find a solution. Thanks!

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