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4 Ways We Attract Great Interns

Finding top-notch people (engineers, designers, etc.) to work at SEP is a key thing we focus on each year. As part of finding and attracting great interns, it's important to have a clear idea of what your company has to offer. Students will interact with lots of companies, often in

How We Run Company Hackathons

We've been running hackathons at SEP since 2011. Over the years we've experimented with the setup. It's ranged from actual product pitches to technology explorations (and everything in between). Recent hackathons have settled into a pattern that works well for us. That pattern includes: Pitches Q & A Form teams

Cleaning Up Left-over Docker Resources

After spending some time hacking with Docker for a blog series, I found that I had a lot of unused Docker containers and images lying around. As part of cleaning up after that, I thought I’d share a few one-liners to remove Docker resources. Before getting to the one-liners,