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A man wearing many hats of life (Christian, Husband, Father, Engineer) trying to make a difference in the world the only way he knows how.

WSL, git, and Beyond Compare

Back Story As I was drafting some new blog posts, I was exploring some stuff on the technical side. Part of that was using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to set up git. Since the Windows 10 Creators Update just dropped, it came with a WSL of Ubuntu 16.04.

Storylines: A Tale of Two Products

So, you say you want to build a product? Awesome. How do you get started? In the Days of Yore Day 1 Some people used to (and sometimes, still do) get dozens of people in a room and author this 200 page document that has a bulleted list of statements

Software Producer: What's in a name?

SEP had an interesting time establishing the title of Software Producer. We wanted it to mean something, like “Software Engineering Professionals” is not just our name; it’s who we are. Not a Product Manager When looking into the activities that our Software Producer perform, there is a lot of

Meet the Software Producer

It isn’t every day that a new title is introduced around here. And I get to have the fun of helping define it, because I’m one of the few on the block with that new title: Software Producer. Why do we need a new title? SEP grew out