Jeff Gilbert (SEP Alum)

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Chief Executive Officer

Looking Back Over The Years

Looking Back The 30+ years at SEP flew by. You hear older people say things like that often, and it does feel like life accelerates. There were some very tough times and a lot of great times. For me, I always felt like just another employee with the responsibility to

Charity Close to My Heart

As I start to transition my career after 30+ years at SEP, I wanted to share something close to my heart. My wife Deanna and I have a close connection to Ethiopia. Three of our four adopted daughters are from there as well as our daughter-in-law. We fell in love

SEP and Indiana FIRST Robotics in 2018

SEP will be renewing its sponsorship of First Robotics in 2018 and the opportunities to volunteer short-term are coming up in March and April. First Robotics in Indiana, also called “Indiana FIRST” is such a great program.  In late December, we met with the organization to get an update on

2015 - Looking Ahead

The beginning of each year is often the time to look back on the previous and speak about the future. At our last company meeting we announced Raman Ohri’s promotion to President of SEP. Raman gave the employees a great overview of where we are going and what goals

The SEP Way

Conversations Matter Listening to the rollout of SEP Way last week reminded me of something. Conversations are important. It was good to see that SEP Way is an internal service for project teams, not a document, wiki or training. The service form basically assures this will be a conversation. Looking