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STEM boulevardier; I've seen some things. I have a BS in Mech E (MIT), an MS in Mat Sci (JHU) and an MBA from UMaryland, College Park. I have been a business analyst at Software Engineering Professi

TEDxIndy 2015

October 20, 2015 Since I was the first to lay claim to Raman’s TEDxIndy ticket this year, I thought I would go and take a bunch of notes and share my experience. [I tried, but I am certifiably unable to tweet and watch, although I can take notes like

JDRF Walk to Cure Kickoff - From 1 to None

SEP is a sponsor of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – JDRF. Several of us attended the JDRF Walk to Cure Kickoff lunch today. In addition to some very moving speakers discussing their experiences with Type 1 diabetes and their plans for the upcoming walk, we heard from endocrinologist Dr. James

1. Big Data. 2. Now what?

True confessions: I am learning R, finally, after living and loving SPSS for many years. I am no expert in Big Data, having only been responsible for about 40GBs (about a million records of a thousand variables each) of data goodness in a previous work-life. [For an answer to What

Language Test

For those who like games and programming: ‘Hello, world’: Programming languages quiz [![](/sep-blog/content/images/2014/07/hello-world-toast.jpg)](/sep-blog/content/images/2014/07/hello-world-toast.jpg)Photo courtesy of