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The Anatomy of Event Storming

Here at SEP we are continually toying with practices to help us learn from our clients. Learn about their worlds. Learn about their problems. And in this case, learning about their domains. Event storming is a “cross-discipline conversation between stakeholders with different backgrounds” (from Said another

Reading Lately -- Teams, Orgs, and Vision

Previously I shared my “Reading Lately” list with a few books about motivation. Each publication from that list is still relevant in my thoughts, actions, and discussions with others at SEP. This time I am sharing 4 books that have greatly influenced the way I think about working collaboratively with

Bringing #NoEstimates into an FDA world

The last few years I have been part of a team that is building diabetes management apps for both iOS and Android. Our client partner is a global leader in the diabetes care market. We want our partner to be successful…necessarily we have to understand the constraints that they

Leveling-up Our Intern Program - With Purpose

Over the last few years we have been making incremental changes to level-up our intern program. For previous summers we have solidified the purpose of our internship program…we have defined the outcomes we want to see from our program…and we have collected some goals that we want to