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A different kind of retro...

This week I facilitated a retrospective for a project that I wasn’t involved with. Immediately after the retro, I asked a few people for their input on how the retro went. One person in specific really enjoyed how I framed and conducted the retro. That person was relieved to

Reading Lately - Carrots, Sticks, and Motivation

I was recently inspired by a blogger named Maya. She has a section on her blog called “Reading Lately” where she posts books/articles that she has recently read, or is currently reading. I felt like there was a lot of value in having a short list of reading material,

How do I know if my idea is blog-worthy?

We at SEP know blogging is a Good Thing, both personally and for the company (recruiting, business development, etc.). Knowing what to blog about has proven to be challenging. (Really, we did a survey, the #1 response was not knowing what to write about.) We’ve tried some different things