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Several examples of NLP

NLP is a subset of Machine Learning (ML) that is focused primarily on human (as apposed to computer) language applications. My hope is that, through examples, we can better develop an intuition for the types of problems NLP is suited for.

The Debt metaphor sucks

I speak very highly of my wife’s Grandfather, Stan. He served in the United States Army during World War II, working on radar installations in or near Italy. He had a partner assigned to him who, it was revealed after the war, had orders to shoot him if it

On tests and testing

Hello, gentle reader. Please allow me to rock your entire human face by dropping this truth bomb: Tests are about more than testing. “Obviously!” you yell, your riposte ringing out triumphantly against what is seemingly a rather anemic statement. The truth bomb has failed to detonate. Your entire human face

My manager gave me an AWS IoT button...

Originally published over here. With the touch of a button you can notify the world that you touched a button. I was sitting at my desk the other day, busily shifting paradigms and engaging synergies, when my manager plopped a small brown paper box on my desk. plop“What’s