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Lead Software Engineer with experience as a developer, tester, DevOps engineer, scrum master, agile coach, product owner, and project lead.

Conference Talk Roadmap

Co-authored by Jordan Thayer and Robert Herbig Presenting information to your peers is an important part of an any career, especially engineering: Teaching a subject reinforces your own understanding and mastery Presentation and communication skills are essential to team based work Sharing knowledge helps improve the teams you're working on

Facilitation: Don't Lose Before You Start

So you want to facilitate a workshop for a team? Maybe you're external to the team and have been asked to help by facilitating. Awesome, it'll be fun. Just show up at the time and place annnnnnnd you've already lost. You better think (think) Think about what you're trying to

Security in the Age of the Internet of Things

Originally published on my personal blog. The Internet of Things is big. No, really big. No, even bigger than that. How big? My colleague Brad Boyer explains it better than I could (and handily defines the thing part of IoT, too). Go read it – I’ll wait. Welcome back! Security

Refactoring JavaScript - a play in three acts

Originally published on my personal blog. Act 1, the setup Once upon a time, there was a JavaScript codebase. This codebase used the function expression syntax: const returnTheNumberOne = () => 1; For reasons that aren’t relevant to this blog post, I needed to replace this with the function declaration syntax: