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The SEP Foundation - Why Would We Do That?

SEP has a long history of giving to charitable causes. In our early days, we had three major shareholders, each of whom earmarked a set amount to give to a charity of their choice. Clean water in Africa, global adoption organizations and various educational initiatives were all causes dear to

Stand Up, Sit Down, Do the Hokey Pokey

Recently there’s been quite a bit of interest in SEP adding standing desks to our workspaces.  Many have cited the potential benefits of standing while working.  There are also suggestions that the benefits aren’t as great as they were originally advertised to be.  For now, let’s remove

2012 Corporate Giving Infographic

The Community Involvement initiative kick started by the four officers at SEP was a chance to put into action the goodwill SEP spreads among its employees and their families. Through programs such as Pay-It-Forward as well as fundraising and supply collection, SEP has encouraged its staff to become active members

How to Fail (The Working Mom Version)

SEP Blog Battle 500 starts with writing about How to Fail. Great! Something we can all relate to! So I bring to you “How to Fail (The Working Mom Version)”, also known as “How to NOT Do This Whole Work and Procreate Thing”. Let’s start from the beginning… Pick