Katherine Johnson

We recently named a conference room after the great Dr. Katherine Johnson, whom I believe embodies the ideal teammate, and SEPer. And I'd like to gush over her for a few paragraphs. Who is Dr. Johnson? For those of you who haven't seen or read Hidden Figures, or haven't obsessed

Our Rapid Prototyping Engagement

I just finished up a three week long, rapid prototyping project with a development team of four: 2 designers, 2 developers. Since SEP may have more prototyping opportunities, here's what you can expect from this kind of engagement.

Software Development is Entirely Too Loud

(me 🙋‍♀️, total introvert) I recently read Quiet, a book by Susan Cain. It's a really approachable aggregation of a ton of research around introversion. I read Quiet searching for ways I can be a better teammate to my introverted colleagues, and it did not disappoint. It highlighted a few ways

Object-Oriented and Functional Programming

Object-Oriented programming has the perception as being the traditional and industry standard paradigm of programming for software engineering projects. Meanwhile, Functional programming has the perception as being either the new hotness, the non-traditional, or the academic standard paradigm of programming (depending of course on the blog post, person, or book

On using non-traditional programming languages

One of the more rewarding aspects to programming as an intellectual hobby is discovering new programming languages. The more exotic or novel or opinionated the language the greater the opportunity to learn something new that can be leveraged for more efficient and capable problem solving in the future. However, the