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Fire the Firefighters

Are there fires occurring on your projects? You know the ones: “We have a major delivery coming, and the testers just found 12 new defects.” “The user study uncovered a missing feature, and we were just about ready for delivery.” “Management changed the direction of the project halfway through. Oh,

Wear a Wearable

This is probably not what the blog challenge had in mind, but I’m going to use the opportunity to write about wearable technology…. There are some fun applications out in the wearable technology domain. Some are essentially a device stuck onto something wearable: – Wearable photos – A comm badge – And

Shades of Grey

As professional football gets back in the swing of things, I’m reminded of one of the iconic plays from the sport: the Hail Mary. You have to score, but you have no time left and you’re on the wrong side of the field. So, what do you do?

Beware of Solving Things Yourself

There’s one recurring thing I’ve seen new hires at SEP struggle with over the years. Most commonly, this is something we see in hires that are fresh out of college, but sometimes it shows itself in hires that come to us with years of experience in the industry.