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Big Win for Iterative Development

Team Oracle won the America’s Cup [yacht] race for America in one of those thrilling close victories that only come along once in a quarter century. Read about it here and here. They were down 8 to 1 in September, and the Kiwis (New Zealand’s Emirates team) were

Failure is Part of Success

I did my tenth Toastmasters speech today which fulfill the requirements for a Competent Communicator Award Here is the speech: “Thomas Edison once said, I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. What he is referring to is a cost effective Electric light

To Fail or Not to Fail

If you’ve been on this planet longer than a few minutes, then you know how to actively fail. A baby learning that he can control that thing on the end of his arm and scratching his forehead open with those paper thin fingernails. The teenager who rebels against her