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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps? The word DevOps is a clipped version of the words Development and Operations [1]. What does development mean? Development is the process of designing, building and testing software. This includes product design user experience, software architecture, software design and coding. What does operations mean? The term operations

How deep is your Kanban implementation?

Recently a co-worker and I had a brief discussion about whether we were using Kanban, or simply using a “task board” for visualizing our work. Kanban is so much more than only a board with columns, stickie notes, and scribbles all over the place. Kanban is a method, or an

Kanban in daily life

What is Kanban? Read about it at Wikipedia. Basically, it’s a method of visual process management. Often, Post-it Notes are used to signify tasks and they are put on a board with columns to identify each task’s state: ready to do, in process, needs, review, completed, etc. Kanban