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The Finger

Alright, I wasn’t going to blog for awhile to give everyone a break from my voice, but I just have to do it. Check out this article on the Apple iPhone 5s Fooled By Fake Finger. Ok, so the finger print technology isn’t quite there yet, but to

SEP: The Next 25 Years

We had a great time in New Orleans for the 25th Anniversary celebration. A few employees asked me where we were going for the 30th.  Given the way I’m wired this question reminded me that this is a great time to talk about the future. It would be crazy

SEP at 50?

You may be thinking to yourself “Wait? I thought SEP was celebrating the 25th anniversary this year?” You’d be right. But we’ve been asked to think about what the future holds. And while thinking about what SEP might be like in another 25 years feels incredibly difficult to

Blog Battle: The Next 25 Years

A lot of folk may look to 25 years from now with some level of optimism. I ain’t sayin’ they’s wrong, what with them fancy nanotechnologies and printin’ human organs with prototypers’n such, but all them bits and doo-dads ain’t gonna mean squat after… THE UNIX

Graphic Design in the Next 25 Years

So much has changed in the field of graphic design in the past 25 years, and I’m sure much will change in the next 25. Maybe we will be able to strap on some virtual reality goggles and design sans a traditional monitor. Or maybe interfaces will take on