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Reclaiming Lost Time with Podcasts

Podcasts are a sneaky, underrated way to learn things during time that you might be otherwise wasting. I drive 30 minutes to and from the office every day. That adds up to 5 hours a week of listening time for podcasts or audiobooks. My phone automatically downloads new episodes and

Lighting up Continuous Feedback...

Co-worker 1: “Hey…is our Jenkins even running?” Me: “Uhh, yes? What do you mean?” CW1: “Well, I’ve pushed 3 different commits, and it hasn’t told me that the build failed.” Me: “Neat. Good job not breaking the build?” CW1: “Oh wait, Jenkins only notifies us when it

Beware of Over-Surveying

Reuters/David MdzinarishviliWE LIVE IN AN INCREASINGLY ALL-CAPS WORLD. It is getting harder and harder to find a quiet place away from all the media hype and advertising. It’s everywhere and even our trusted vendors and suppliers can’t help but add to the din with customer surveying. So

SEP: The Next 25 Years

We had a great time in New Orleans for the 25th Anniversary celebration. A few employees asked me where we were going for the 30th.  Given the way I’m wired this question reminded me that this is a great time to talk about the future. It would be crazy

Been There, Done That

“Been there, done that” is a dangerous phrase in software engineering. I recently watched Ben Orenstein’s talk “Refactoring From Good to Great“, and it got me thinking about how easy it is to become complacent with your code, design patterns, and solutions.  If “been there, done that” is your