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From Terrible Things Come Innovation

As a software architect, I do what I can to stay abreast of the world around me. As new technologies, design patterns, and so on emerge, I try to learn enough about them to make informed decisions on where they might prove useful or if I can safely ignore them.

SEP TeamWorks and Organizational Habits

In SEP TeamWorks and Visual Learning, I wanted to convey the visual nature of** TeamWorks** as a fresh reinvention of Kanban clarity. In this post, I want to focus on TeamWork’s organizational aspects of digital linkage and storage that I like. So with TeamWorks, we have a beautiful pictorial

The Point of Particularly Personal Personas

The Agile software development movement has a concept called user personas. During a project’s spin-up, developers are encouraged to create these personas as representative users. A typical persona may be “Victor the Vice President”. Victor is a VP at his company. He will use the software for high-level data

Easily Import and Export Shared Settings

Since SEP TeamWorks was launched over a year ago, the most requested feature is the ability to be able to share the way your board looks with other team members.  Users really didn’t like the time and effort required to set up everyone’s board. With the new version