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User Interface Overhaul

We gave SEP TeamWorks a new coat of paint to make it more pleasing to the eye. The simple and new flat design gives TeamWorks a contemporary and clean look and feel. But TeamWorks retains many of the same interactive designs and color schemes to make the transition to our

Dragging Items in Linked Queries

With the launch of SEP TeamWorks’ latest version last Friday, we are showcasing some of the newest features in a series of blog posts. Previously you could only drag linked work items across states. With the new version of SEP TeamWorks you can drag a linked item, removing the old

Fire the Firefighters

Are there fires occurring on your projects? You know the ones: “We have a major delivery coming, and the testers just found 12 new defects.” “The user study uncovered a missing feature, and we were just about ready for delivery.” “Management changed the direction of the project halfway through. Oh,

Beware of Over-Surveying

Reuters/David MdzinarishviliWE LIVE IN AN INCREASINGLY ALL-CAPS WORLD. It is getting harder and harder to find a quiet place away from all the media hype and advertising. It’s everywhere and even our trusted vendors and suppliers can’t help but add to the din with customer surveying. So

Beware of the Simple Things

Beware of the Simple Things: 3 Flags to Look Out for in Domains Your new client already has a requirements document, and has been doing work in the domain for 10 years. They use simple concepts: reports, studies, projects, updates, project IDs, owners. They ‘just’ want to transfer their Access