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A Template for Lunches

If you want to show anything on your page, you’re going to have to write a template. A template is the html to display on each page view. And if you use resources, they nest! Ember, by default, uses the Handlebars template engine. Lunchtime! It’s a Friday and

A Picture is Worth 1000 Lies

Last week, I wrote about Routing in EmberJS. And I kinda lied a bit. I laid out the Pokédex route like this … App.router.map(function(){ this.route("pokedex", {path: '/pokedex/:poke_id'}); }); That’s probably the wrong choice, but I made it for Pedagogical reasons. I

Getting from Here to There

Where do we go from here? We begin with the Url. The history of the web is based around the URL and our ability to transition from one url to another. Ember is built around the Url. You are a Web Developer if you build apps with Urls – Tom Dale

A quick note on EmberJs and ReactiveJS

I tweeted yesterday that I was having trouble with EmberJS and ReactiveJS integration. I’m hip-deep in an emberjs app and I can’t get my canvas to pump events through rxjs… — Brian J Ball (@Myotherpants) June 3, 2014 Well, I figured it out! With some help from the fine