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BizOps at SEP

You may have heard of BizOps as a business function, but there’s a good chance you aren’t sure exactly what that looks like day-to-day, or specifically how that plays out at a custom software consultancy like SEP. Here's a glimpse into what BizOps looks like for us.

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Creating something brand new is hard. No matter if it's a painting, a system architecture, or a conference talk, the creative effort of conjuring up something from nothing is difficult. Take me for example, staring at a text editor, trying to figure out what to type next and think up

Beware of Assumptions

We’ve all created a persona. We spend time empathizing with this future user of our product to ensure we see the product and experience through their eyes. We think through and focus on their skill sets, goals, opinions, biases, and limitations. We think though all the things a user

Beware of Group Projects

*This post is being manually syndicated from my external blog, [Larry Price And The Endless Cup of Coffee](http://larryprice.github.com), as part of the Back-to-School 2013 SEP Blog Battle.* Relying on other people is hard. I’ve always found it difficult to understand that other people aren’t