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Bringing #NoEstimates into an FDA world

The last few years I have been part of a team that is building diabetes management apps for both iOS and Android. Our client partner is a global leader in the diabetes care market. We want our partner to be successful…necessarily we have to understand the constraints that they

Easily Import and Export Shared Settings

Since SEP TeamWorks was launched over a year ago, the most requested feature is the ability to be able to share the way your board looks with other team members.  Users really didn’t like the time and effort required to set up everyone’s board. With the new version

User Interface Overhaul

We gave SEP TeamWorks a new coat of paint to make it more pleasing to the eye. The simple and new flat design gives TeamWorks a contemporary and clean look and feel. But TeamWorks retains many of the same interactive designs and color schemes to make the transition to our

Dragging Items in Linked Queries

With the launch of SEP TeamWorks’ latest version last Friday, we are showcasing some of the newest features in a series of blog posts. Previously you could only drag linked work items across states. With the new version of SEP TeamWorks you can drag a linked item, removing the old