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SMART on FHIR: What is SMART? What is FHIR?

When creating an application that will be used by health care providers, a developer will often need to access data about a patient. This data is kept in Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. As a developer, one of the main struggles of creating such an application is that EHRs are

Flex + Mobile = Mission Abort!

Me and the wife where sitting on the couch the other day; both of us fixed on our respective electronic device.  I was on my laptop launching some Kerbalnauts into space while my wife was on the IPad trying to plan out a bathroom remodeling.  She was getting particularly frustrated

Tool for creating CSS for a sprite

A sprite is an image that contains a bunch of smaller images. I needed to write CSS for a sprite image that was created by our graphic designer. I found a tool called Sprite Box and it worked pretty well. Here is another one that will build the sprite image